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Tarpon Springs 2019 Visitors Guide

Client: Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce

Project: Visitors Guide

Year: 2019

Roles: Full layout designer, Typesetter, Photo Editor, Advertisement Designer

Photographers: Dimitris Savalas, Sue Thomas, Josh Baker

Publication Copywriter: Jean Hungiville

Located in central Florida’s Gulf Coast region, the city of Tarpon Springs has a rich history filled with sponge divers as well as a much-celebrated Greek culture. While the client did have a Visitors Guide magazine produced prior to this edition, the board members found it to be lackluster. During the beginning stage of production, the client requested an easy-to-read modern-looking magazine.

dining feature

Tarpon Springs 2019 Visitors Guide

The previous Visitors Guide from Tarpon Springs had a style close to that of a newspaper, therefore I aimed to completely transform the look of their publication. Original submissions of the copy text were extremely lengthy. Given the book’s relatively small page count, populating the guide with a massive amount of copy would have caused unnecessary clutter, robbing the publication of it’s intended modern look. After explaining this to the client, they decided to cut the text length down to roughly a quarter of its original size. Gaining the ability to spread elements across the pages achieved the desired high-end magazine feel.

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