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Create. Inspire. Repeat.

Matt Brady is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, recording engineer, mix engineer, and graphic designer who oversees every aspect of his creative output. He consistently evolves his innovative brand of progressive alternative rock music while challenging the audience’s expectations of what a solo artist can accomplish. Aside from an occasional collaboration, the productions are solely his work, acting as a one-man creative tour de force.


The latest album The Paradox of Time unveils a songwriter honing his craft and defining a music and production style years in the making. Throughout the album’s ten tracks, Matt takes the listener on an album-length journey that weaves through dynamic transitions that never become predictable. By leaning on the inspiration of staying true to himself, Matt’s artistic expressions remain authentic while resonating with the listener on a subconscious level. This album indicates that Matt is heading straight to the top of his creative game.

Matt Brady, musician, producer, graphic artist, graphic designer
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