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My proficiency in art design covers digital and print media with a focus on publication layout, advertisement design, illustration, logo design, product packaging, and website design. Since 2017, I have been employed by L.C. Publishing as a graphic layout designer and ad design specialist, creating magazines and advertisements in the travel industry for clients throughout the United States.




A lifelong love affair for music was ignited at age 11 when I received my first electric guitar as a Christmas gift from Grandpa. My love for guitar playing is as strong today as ever, but I didn't stop there. In the years since I began my musical journey, I diversified my skillset to become a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, recording engineer, and mix engineer, overseeing every aspect of my musical output. I strive to constantly evolve and innovate my musical style while challenging the audience's expectations of what a solo artist can accomplish. Aside from an occasional collaboration, the productions are solely my work, acting as a one-man creative tour de force.



By being my most authentic and best version, I can inspire everyone I encounter on life's journey to do the same. My dedication to growing mentally, physically, and spiritually stretches the dimensional boundaries to reach creative innovation. Pushing myself to develop as an artist involves constantly tackling new challenges and finding imaginative solutions. My devotion to learning and applying multiple creative disciplines is obsessive, but it produces quality work.

Matt Brady, musician, producer, graphic artist, graphic designer
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