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Project: Keweenaw Adventure Guide

Client: Keweenaw CVB

Year: 2019

Roles: Full Layout Designer, Photo Editor, Typesetter

Photography courtesy of: Keweenaw CVB

Publication copywriters: Keweenaw CVB Staff

Keweenaw 2019 Adventure Guide

Elegance captures one’s imagination in the remote upper peninsula of Michigan, where the unscathed natural scenery is breathtaking. A snow-filled wonderland of exciting activities awaits visitors embarking on an adventure in the Keweenaw area. While an Adventure Guide should, by all reasonable standards, live up to the exciting location, a publication of this nature needs not just look pleasing but also serve as a functional resource tool.

Keweenaw 2019 Adventure Guide

winter activities list

Laying out Keweenaw’s Adventure Guide provided the following challenge: transform a book of basic location listings into a stunning-looking resource guide for the region’s visitors. The color scheme of the book remained consistent with the client’s branding, anchoring the stylization of the guide’s text. Image placement held a crucial role in the process of creating visual excitement. On the listing-heavy sections, I opted to justify the images in an alternating pattern (one right, one left) in relation to the text. To counter the boxy grid-like nature of the aforementioned sections, the images inhabit organic shapes on pages with more real estate.

Keweenaw 2019 Adventure Guide
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