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Client: North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce

Project: Official Business Guide

Year: 2020

Roles: Full Layout Designer, Typesetter, Photo Editor, Ad Design Specialist

Photography: North Tampa Bay
Chamber of Commerce

Publication Copywriter: Kristen Streger

North Tampa Bay 2020 Business Guide, Matt Brady, Graphic Designer

Upon starting work in the magazine design field, the first publication I designed the layout for was North Tampa Bay. Working with a repeat client removes the initial challenges associated with first-time clients by already having established a trust in me to deliver a superior-looking, well-designed publication. After laying the foundation of a successful publication, the design process becomes all about building upon the strengths of the previous issue while also improving it.


North Tampa Bay 2020 Business Guide, Matt Brady, Graphic Designer

Taking into account the considerable growth of the region, the North Tampa Bay business magazine called for a stylish, modern, and clean layout. By drawing on inspirations from the worlds of fashion, contemporary art, and photography, the guide achieved the ability to stand out in the market of business magazines - which tend to be on the dry side. Furthermore, utilizing North Tampa’s brand colors of teal, yellow-orange, and dark gray cemented the modern aesthetic of a thriving business community.

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