Project: Keweenaw Adventure Guide

Client: Keweenaw CVB

Year: 2021

Roles: Full Layout Designer, Typesetter,
Ad Design Specialist

Photography: Keweenaw CVB

Publication copywriter: Brad Barnett


Elegance captures one’s imagination in the remote upper peninsula of Michigan, where the unscathed natural scenery is breathtaking. A wonderland of exciting activities awaits visitors embarking on an adventure in the Keweenaw area. While an Adventure Guide should, by all reasonable standards, live up to the exciting location, a publication of this nature needs not just look pleasing but also serve as a functional resource tool.


biking activities


One of the fundamental elements of a visually impactful publication resides in the photographic choices. The client’s decision to hire a professional photographer for this issue paid off in spades as the amazing image library triggered an abundance of layout ideas. Working on yearly publications with the same clients presents the challenge of keeping the information fresh while not repeating the previous issue’s design layout. Meeting this challenge head-on by combining stellar imagery with concise text resulted in a superior publication when compared to the previous year’s edition.