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I hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented global crisis the world is facing. Becoming socially isolated has the potential to lead to depression, but this is a challenging time we are facing together. As for my perspective on this event, I recognize it as a way for the planet to "take a breath" while giving all of us a chance to reassess what is actually important. Taking care of each other is, now more than ever, a vital asset for our survival. Witnessing humanity working as one singular entity to combat this threat may open a few minds to the idea that we are all connected. Maybe this situation will instill a sense of “being one with the moment” that some have lost touch with, at least in the lives of numerous adults.

Creating and contributing music and visual art to the community at large is something of a personal “lighthouse” that I can always count on to guide me through the storm. This time of isolation has allowed additional time to dedicate towards finishing projects that have been in the works. There are several projects being prepped that will arrive in the coming year.

During these uncertain times, I would like to do what I can in contributing to the positive energy of the world. My entire discography on Bandcamp is now free/name your price for downloads. Creating art comes out of my love for it and I wish to share that love with you.

Stay safe and remain healthy out there. We will persevere together.

Much Love,

Matt Brady


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