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The End of Summer Fest

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The band I play in (PBT) has secured a gig for this coming weekend at a semi-private event in Munroe Falls, Ohio. Only three-quarters of the band will be performing since our drummer Tom has a previous engagement. The event is being dubbed “The End of Summer Fest” and PBT is playing first on the bill alongside The Fiddle Revolt and BlueShift. Having our prior goal to start gigging earlier this year thwarted by the onset of covid, this marks the first live appearance of PBT and I’m quite excited for the group to perform in front of an audience. Being the first gig since the pandemic started, I am thankful to have the opportunity to perform but approaching the situation with a healthy level of caution. Although not a public event, friends and family of the band are welcome to attend. Message me for more info if you are in the area and interested in coming out.


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