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2019 Single Series

In my time of composing, recording and releasing music, I’ve always used one model to do so. This model revolved around gathering a collection of songs amassed over a two-to-four year period, then selecting, sequencing and assembling them into an album. While I still plan to release full albums in future, this model of only releasing music once every several years is a dated one. It is time for a change.

This coming Friday, May 3rd, the single and video for “Oftentimes” will be released digitally on all streaming platforms. This release will be the launch of my “Single Series”. On the first Friday of each month, a new single will be released. Here on my website, each single will have its own page, featuring supplemental content to accompany the song. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my work with you more frequently. Thanks for joining me on this ever-evolving artistic journey. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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