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2019 Wrap Up


Initiating a bi-monthly release schedule served the process by creating a solid deadline for finishing the track, cover art, promo graphics and supplemental content. If this past year is any indication, the process is working quite well. Four singles (each with their own unique cover art), a music video, several photo animations, social media campaign graphics and a dedicated page on my website designed for each single are the sum of my work in 2019 towards this project.

The 2019 Single Series Collection complies all four tracks into a singular album/playlist, which is now available from the following sources: download/stream on Bandcamp, download/stream on my website and as a streaming playlist on Spotify. Album downloads from both Bandcamp and my website are free/pay what you want and come with a digital booklet containing artwork and lyrics for each song. Links to the various platforms are listed below.



Since my body of work is continually growing, it is necessary to keep the content on my website up-to-date. Over the past several months, I have re-designed the entire SIGHT section (graphic design portfolio). Each project in the portfolio now features an in-depth look at the process behind the work.

Individual projects are presented in an editorial fashion, opposed to simply displaying the finished work pieces with labels of what each image represents. The combination of showcasing the finished work alongside case study text and imagery related to the project achieves my goal of creating a more engaging experience for you, the viewer.

While the SIGHT section has the biggest visual update, the SOUND section (music) also contains a few minor updates, namely in the discography section. Instead of a grid of clickable square images, the album cover art is now more prominent with a tab to the right side featuring the album’s title, year released, music styles and link to stream the music.



For the first time in roughly ten years, I have joined a band to play in on a consistent basis. Chris, the bassist, contacted me to inquire about my interest in playing lead guitar for the group. After sitting in on one of their rehearsals, an opportunity to join the band arose. All of the musicians in the group have about 15 years on me in age, therefore I have been calling the group “Matt & the Dad Band.” We are currently working on writing original material as a band, as well as rehearsing songs from my solo catalog. Several recording sessions are already behind us, with myself acting as the recording engineer and producer. The release of these recordings and live concerts with the group are on the horizon in the coming year.



As this decade comes to a close, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support of my work. I am grateful to have been gifted with the ability to create, progress and share my artistic journey with you. The coming year of 2020 will be no exception in my continual growth as an artist, as several projects are already underway which will be revealed next year.


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