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New Site Layout

The site has been given a face lift. After a two month work process - a month of development, a month of design - I'm pleased to be launching a sleeker, cleaner layout of the site. A wealth of fresh content in the portfolio section reflects standout projects from the past couple years. In the music section, you will find a video section that showcases both concert footage and music films.

Several art pieces were created specifically for this new layout - one called "Tunnel Vision" (displayed as the portfolio section splash image), the other named "Color Float" (displayed as the music section splash image). The main page features a piece called "Submerge", which was created in late 2017.

Within the music section, the discography links to individual album pages featuring full streaming and download capabilities. Integrated into the player is the option to follow an external link to stream on others services - Spotify, iTunes and so on.

My hope is to write a bit more in this blog, as my posts over the past year have been sparse. I may even feature guest blog writers to bring fresh perspectives into the mix. For now, enjoy exploring my work and feel free to get in touch with me. Even if it's not work related and you just want to say hello, I enjoy connecting with people. You can reach me is

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