Lohio logo

Client: Jared Lees

Project: Lohio Annual Concert Event

Years: 2014-2018

Roles: Principal Graphics Coordinator

Logo designer / Illustrator / Layout Designer

As principal graphics coordinator for Lohio, a recurring concert event that showcases solo bass players in the northeast Ohio area, I have the ability to aid in the promotion of highly talented musicians. Being involved as a sponsor of an annual event while watching it grow bigger and better each year is immensely rewarding. Although the “solo bassist” circuit is a niche market, the passion and sense of community at these events is undeniable.

lohio logo

original logo (2014)

revised logo (2017)

lohio logo
Lohio 2014 concert poster

promo poster (2014)

Lohio 2016 concert poster

promo poster (2016)

Lohio 2017 concert poster

promo poster (2017)

Started in 2014, the Lohio concert event brings together bassists, instrument luthiers, music venues and other local sponsors. Initially, the event organizer requested a simple logo featuring a bass clef inside an outline of the state of Ohio. After several years, I felt the branding needed an overhaul and in 2017, I drafted an updated, sleeker-looking logo for the event. During the same year, I pitched the idea of a limited-edition event T-shirt based on the updated logo.

event t-shirt (2017)

Lohio concert t-shirt
Lohio concert t-shirt