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One’s perspective on drug usage could vary dramatically depending on the individual speaking. Even the modern-day application of the word “drug” is wildly skewed to enforce policies on what chemical compounds are deemed either legal or illegal. Nevertheless, it remains true that the consumption of certain chemicals does lead to a disintegration of not only one’s body but also the mind and spirit.


In the Drug Series, I am making a statement about a variety of chemical substances and their effects on human life. Each illustration focuses on the effects of these drugs, represented as creatures, monsters, and characters portraying substance abuse. The inspiration for this series stems from my longtime affinity for horror and sci-fi films featuring creatively designed, well-thought-out creature characters.

PLEASE NOTE: In no way do I condone the use of these substances. The series is an artistic representation of drug abuse and while some of these chemicals are more harmful than others, all of them have the potential to affect human life.

Alcohol, illustration, drug series, Matt Brady, graphic artist

Alcohol (2018)

Meth, illustration, drug series, Matt Brady, graphic artist

Meth (2019)

Heroin, illustration, drug series, Matt Brady, graphic artist

Heroin (2019)

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