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single series | July 2019 | Burden to Bare

about the track

On a rainy Halloween evening in 2018, I randomly started singing the words to what would become “Burden to Bare.” I immediately grabbed my phone to record the idea before the moment passed. Creative inspiration can appear at unexpected times and the audio recorder app is an invaluable asset for capturing these ideas. It’s kind of like an audio sticky note. Since the vocal melody for ”Burden to Bare” was the song’s inception, it became the foundation for the track. The song was written and recorded quickly and without hesitation about what I wanted the song to sound like.


you hollowed me out
I can’t feel a thing
you left me trapped here

caught under your wing
I tried so hard but I don’t know what to do
when all the doors lead me right back to you
right back to you

I find it hard to get up off the floor
your grip is tight and you’re begging me for more
I’m so tired that I’ve lost the will to care
the weight I carry is my burden to bare
burden to bare

Your remedy was to get rid of me
A symphony playing in the wrong key
A little piece of my ecstasy is now gone

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