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single series | September 2019 | Absent

about the track

A theme which seeps into my songwriting quite often is that of loss. On Absent, the emotion being conveyed deals specifically with lost love. The lyrics are not necessarily directed at one individual but meant to evoke the feeling of not wanting to experience romantic love due to the possible outcome of losing that person. At the same time, the last section of the song dives into the idea of simply embracing the shared experience of a relationship while it’s happening, regardless of how events transpire.


stood on top the mountain

watching the wind sweep your hair

couldn’t hold back my elation

simply to be with you there


I don’t want to miss you

I don’t want to care


the padding of snow in winter

making the evening serene

the sky up above seems endless

even though nothing ever is


I don’t want you to miss me

I don’t want you to care

I just want to hold you

but it’s you who isn’t there


I’ll take a moment

to memorize your face

cause you won’t always be here

I’ll take this moment

to recognize our place

cause we won’t always be near

Take a moment

to memorize my face

cause I won’t always be here

Take this moment

to bask in the glow

cause tomorrow never knows

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